Protecting your haven

With the world around us moving at a faster pace, now more than ever, we feel the need to keep our belongings, home and ultimately our family safe.

Rescue Force Security understands this need, and we have been working tirelessly for the past 28 years on providing a service to our customers that they can rely on.

Why can you trust us with your residential security needs

Security solutions based on risk assessment

Every home faces individual security risks and potential losses. Rescue Force Security offers customized preventive and emergency security services according to the needs of your premises.


Rescue Force Security utilises resources to design, upgrade or modify your security system. During an on-site consultation, our team of specially trained technicians will identify and assess your security needs. This approach results in the most effective custom design to prevent loss and secure safety in the most vulnerable areas.

Custom Design

Based on the consultation, Rescue Force Security submits a proposal implementing recommendations on how to initiate or improve the security of your premises, while always considering future upgrades or modifications. Our high end products range from access control and DVRs to communication. Rescue Force Security will be able to attend any security needs from simple to sophisticated.

Expert Installation

Our team of dedicated project managers and factory trained technicians work seamlessly to provide the highest quality installation. From inception to final testing, certification and training, our staff is working for you around the clock.

Attentive Service

Rescue Force Security takes pride in being a personalized full service security company. Our fleet of fully stocked vehicles and in-house team of trained technicians are supported by an unmatched comprehensive equipment inventory. LIVE office support staff stands ready to field your calls and dispatch service, ensuring the fastest response time in the industry.

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All security solutions and services in one place

Control Panels, Keypads Sensors, Sirens and Strobes.

The control panel is the brains of the operation. These panels will be sized to fit your needs and allow for expansion. The keypads are used to program and to arm/disarm your system. Remote key fobs are also available to allow you to arm and disarm your system from outside or from the comfort of your vehicle.

Whether it is a PIR motion sensor, door contact, glass break sensor or a smoke/heat detector, these devices detect and send a signal to the control panel. Other devices include high/low temperature sensors, water detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

The system’s end or aim of alerting you is achieved through sirens and horn/strobes. When a device sends a signal to the control panel, the audible and/or visual will not only alert you of danger, but in the case of an intrusion will deter a perpetrator or trespasser.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our monitoring centre is keeping watch over your home. The control panel has the ability to contact our monitoring centre when it receives an alarm. The monitoring centre then contacts the local authorities and also calls you or someone on your call list.
Emergency Response is available to you directly from your keypad, or using specialised equipment (durress button, medical assistance button, etc). The monitoring centre will be notified of your specilised need and contact the relevant authorities upon confirmation.
CCTV options to suit your needs and budget, with remote access capabilities, customised and professionally installed on your premises.
High security alarm monitoring available using our 4G communicator, allow you to arm/disarm and view alarm status securely from your mobile phone.

Bonus duress option for mobile phone app gives you personal security when you are in an unsafe environment.

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