Upgrade your alarm system communication


At Rescue Force Security, we are an experience company that specialises in security systems, and we strongly believe that you, should not buy your security from the same place where you buy your television, your mobile phone or your bananas.

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Alarm System


Do you know what your alarm system does for you? For most people, it is an electronic intrusion  detection, with notifications on alarm. However, it can do much more than that…

By adding one of our 4G communication modules, you can bring your alarm system into the 21’st century:

NBN Compatibility

This system replaces your landline for comunication of your alarm system, and uses dual sim cards from leading telco providers for high reliability and redundancy.

Mobile phone application

Mobile app allows you to be in control of your alarm system when you are not on your premises, including arm/disarm, event and notification history, always-on panic button

Cost Effective

Fixed cost. No additional hidden data or phone calls. You’re in control.

CCTV System


Do you know what you can do with your CCTV system? Most people use it as a deterrent, or a means for finding out what happened, after the fact.

Most businesses are already at the point of having their second or third CCTV system by now. The majority expect their system to work from their mobile phone with little concern about how this works. But is your system secured from other’s prying eyes, using strong passwords or are you using the “cloud” with a blank password for the admin account? Do not  take these questions lightly as it has been well documented in today’s world how vulnerable we have become to cyber security threats (hackers).



None of these systems can truly protect you, and they all have well-understood weaknesses. As a professional security organisation, we have people that can help you minimise the risks associated with security systems, help you get the most out of your system and offer solutions others do not know about, or cannot manage.

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